Selected Foundation Projects

Since its inception, MCPF has used the donations received to support a variety of initiatives and programs consistent with its Mission.  Some of these initiatives and programs include:


Canine Program

MCPF has provided equipment and support to the police canine program for the acquisition of protective life vests and the provision of services and support for retired police canines.

Fallen and Disabled Police Officers

MCPF has provided support for the families of fallen and disabled police officers who are killed or harmed in the line-of-duty.  Additionally, MCPF has been an active supporter of The Montgomery County Public Safety Memorial, which recognizes the courage and sacrifice of our fallen Public Safety personnel. Visitors to The Memorial are also provided with an education about the manner in which each of the Montgomery County Public Safety Departments work together. 

Project Lifesaver Autism Awareness Program

The Project Lifesaver Autism Awareness Program educates and trains officers to handle situations where autistic children are involved or impacted. The program, championed by the Laurie Reyes Autism/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Outreach Unit, is committed to educating and bringing awareness of Alzheimer’s, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Down Syndrome to the community and to officers, while also providing resources to loved ones of those with one of these conditions.


MCPF provides funding in support of individual officers and County police for various community related programs such as the Special Olympics, the MCP Torch Run, the Wave Program, National Night Out and numerous training initiatives and seminars to enhance the technical, management and professional skills of the police men and women.  Additionally, MCPF has provided funding in support of the acquisition of tactical, medical and survival gear for the police.