What are the Activities of the MCPF?

The Foundation seeks to enhance the community's awareness of contributions toward public safety made by the Montgomery County Department of Police.

The Foundation provides resources in support of selected projects to facilitate training, public safety projects and equipment acquisition for the Montgomery County Department of Police.

The Foundation facilitates the exchange of management and technical expertise between the business community and the Montgomery County Police Department.

What does the Police Foundation NOT do?

The Foundation does not support any political candidate or agenda and it does not provide continuous funding of programs that are more appropriately supported by the County budget. Additionally the Foundation has no involvement with the management, policies, or procedures of the Police Department.

What is the County Government's Role with the Foundation?

The Montgomery County government has approved the formation of the Foundation and the County Executive has expressed his appreciation for the Foundation's work.

Montgomery County government and Police Department employees are not members of the Foundation and have no official role with the Foundation.

However, The Foundation looks to Chief of Police J. Thomas Manger and his senior staff for guidance as to what activities and expenditures would best benefit the Police Department in support of the Foundation's goals.

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MCPF Officers

Marvin A. Address

Alison Santighian
Vice President

Mark A. Deitz

Duane Webster

Thomas McElroy
Assistant Secretary

MCPF Directors

Marvin A. Address

Mark A. Deitz

Thomas McElroy

Duane Webster

Alison Santighian

Jason Aquino

Gregory Wims

Samir Garcia

Don Heath

Jim Donovan

Bill Carey

Mark Scott