Our Mission


As an independent organization, the MCPF raises funds to support the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCPD) in executing their mission, vision, and strategic priorities. With funds raised from the Montgomery County community, we enable the MCPD to connect to and support county citizens.


Officer Education and Training Related to Narcan, Opioid and Drug Interactions

Opioid overdoses are increasing in our county, consistent with the experience across the USA. Montgomery County has seen a 145% increase in the number of opioid overdoses, both fatal and non-fatal. The MCPD has been training officers, who are often the first on scene to 911 calls, to carry and administer Narcan, which counters opioid overdose effects immediately. Having more officers trained and able to administer this lifesaving drug enables the MCPD to save more lives and enable county citizens to get the support services they need to overcome addiction. Officers trained to administer Narcan are key to avoiding fatal overdoses. The MCPD has increased the number of voluntarily trained officers from 20 to nearly 200 over the last few years.

MCPF grants support training classes, equipment, and officer’s ability to save lives using Narcan.

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI)

Investment in leaders is an organizational force multiplier. Investing in MCPD leaders enables all department teams, divisions, bureaus, and members more effective in keeping our county and its citizens safe. MCPD leaders attending the LDI have access to strategic partnerships, collaboration, internal and external training venues, specialized speakers, expertise and best practice sharing, and mentoring and coaching. These resources yield a more confident, competent, and effective workforce.

MCPF grants support the LDI, enhancing MCPD leadership innovation, creativity, and excellence, giving our citizens confidence in MCPD officers’ field and community policing.

Officer Education and Support of Individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other disabilities

Montgomery County citizens with mental disabilities like Alzheimer’s, autism, and down syndrome are at greater risk. MCPD officers respond to calls for caregiver help in locating a person who has wandered – both adults and children. The MCPD Autism/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Outreach Unit facilitates a layered approach to educating officers, families, and the communities in which these individuals live.

MCPF grants support the Autism/IDD Outreach Units efforts to educate our Montgomery County community and officers, facilitating events such as the 5th Annual MCPD Autism/IDD Night Out.

Community Education Program to Promote Gun Safety Awareness

In connection with the growing number of handguns and guns in the community the MCPF recognizes the need to increase gun safety awareness across the community.  MCPF is seeking to develop and implement a gun safety program, in conjunction with the Montgomery County Police Department.

The MCPD K-9 Police and Canine program is an important element for police and community protection in Montgomery County. The community, through its donations, has supported the K-9 program both for active and retired canines

MCPF has provided equipment and support to the police canine program for the acquisition of protective life vests and the provision of services and support for retired police canines.

Community support for K-9 Police and Canine Program