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It is with excitement that I welcome you to the new Police Foundation web site.  As the Assistant Chief with responsibility of the Management Services Bureau of the Montgomery County Police Department, I have been in contact with the new President Marvin Address and the new board of directors.  It is clear to me there is an emerging and growing vision which will build on past successes by making it more visible and increasing its impact and influence in further supporting our communities and mission. 

This group has a commitment and passion for policing which will help us become even more innovative, collaborative, connected and effective in serving our communities and leading our workforce beyond 21st Century Policing.  This already fruitful partnership is continuing to build into a structured framework, solidifying a plan to yield results years into the future.

There is great focus on continuing to make all related efforts legal, ethical and strategic so that any person or corporation supporting and helping the foundation knows their resources will go towards efforts and works which will ultimately make our communities safer and better places to work and enjoy every day.

With great respect and appreciation to all those persons volunteering to make this a success!!